This basically tells me that the instagram account is indeed the official account from CityOne Megamall.
This basically tells me that the instagram account is indeed the official account from CityOne Megamall.

CityOne Megamall threatened me over a photo!

Well, this is a little bit surprising really, but the title is very much what had happened today. One of Kuching’s or Sarawak’s largest shopping mall had threatened me over Instagram, and it was just all about a photo.

Here’s a recap of how it all happened. *insert Law and Order music*

Last Thursday, I decided to catch a movie at Golden Screen Cinema at CityOne mall. As usual, I would visit the toilet to ease myself, but when I closed the door, I saw something very interesting.

On the toilet door was the words “Metrojaya will close down soon”. I found those words interesting since I’ve heard quite a few rumours, and this particular unknown person, went the extra mile to actually put it on a toilet door, which normally is vandalized with phone numbers, lewd images and so on.  I mean, of all messages, why this?”

So, I captured the photo, and posted it on my Instagram with the caption “Saw this at GSC CityOne toilet. Not sure if there’s any truth to this, but if its true, its a huge blow to CityOne Mall. #kuching #borneo”

The Instagram photo I took which appeared both on my Facebook and Instagram account. Is this hurtful?
The Instagram photo I took which appeared both on my Facebook and Instagram account. Is this hurtful?

The cool part is that my friends who know who in the retail industry quickly rebuffed the vandalized sign and said it was difficult to be true since “anchor tenants in a mall are signed for long term basis, and breaching such contracts would cost a lot of money”.

So, I learned something new that day, which is that the rumour was not true, and that anchor tenants sign huge bonding contracts.

Today, I however received the message below from an Instagram account said to be from @CityOneMegamall management which just enraged me (hence this post).

Check out the last section from CityOne Megamall.
Check out the last section from CityOne Megamall.

I know I am not some big shot or Yang Berhormat, but I don’t think I deserve to be threatened in such a way. What did I do wrong? I didn’t say MetroJaya was closing. I didn’t even make such assumption or said anything bad about CityOne or Metrojaya.

All I did was ask if the words written on the back of a vandalized toilet door were true or not.  Some how, my question provoked the biggest mall in Kuching, threatening to take legal action if I didn’t take the photo down.

Some brief details on the account.
Some brief details on the account.

With all honesty, I do not know how am I wrong for posting such a photo, but I took it off Instagram anyway because I’m not sure how or why it was wrong. Better to take down than to further burden myself I thought.

But regardless, taking down the photo does not mean I am not pissed, because I am. Asking me to take down a photo from my Instagram is one thing, but threatening me if I didn’t do so is another. If they asked me to take it down nicely via private message, I’d take it down without much fuss, but that’s not going to happen now, isn’t it?

Cityone instagram account 2
This basically tells me that the instagram account is indeed the official account from CityOne Megamall. Click to enlarge.

Well, the good people of CityOne, if you are reading this, I think it might be time to look into getting a professional social media manager because you might want to avoid more bad press from social media users. And while I’m at it, perhaps you’d like to repair all those vandalized toilet doors in your mall faster because honestly, it’s quite rampant.

I have given numerous talks about ‘using social media property’, and one of my greatest stand is that people should self censor what they say on social media..

Here, CityOne definitely outdid themselves, and they really disappointed me with such careless remarks. Someone said CityOne humiliated me, and I could take legal action. Well, I’m still contemplating, but I think an apology would be suffice.

Either way, I must thank them for inspiring this blog post, which was written on my ‘almost dead’ blog.



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  1. Lesson no 1:
    Do your homework and do not piss off a local influential blogger. Social Media is powerful, and the army will crush your lawyers. Go team Cyril Dason!

    Lesson no 2:
    Always be polite and courteous to your customers. No need for threats. Try the subtle approach by politely requesting the image to be taken down. Most of the time, it works. We are Sarawakians and surely we will help each other. All you have to do, is ask nicely. Knock on the door first before you tear it down.

    Lesson no 3:
    Fire whoever posted that stupid threat. Or whatever management personnel that made the thoughtless decision.

    • Thanks for the comment Robin =)

      Anyway, I don’t regard myself as influential but I do not like it when people with power missus it to threaten others. I think anyone deserves some bit of respect, regardless of who they are.

      I admit that I would have just taken it down without much fuss over all social media accounts I have if I was asked nicely via private message. Bet nobody will know if i took it down anyway. However, the strong worded comment really made me angry coz I felt like it was ‘the big people, trying to fry a small fish’. That’s just not right. Really. I have been telling people, kids especially, that people should be respected regardless of who the are, and it only reflects poorly if those with higher rank don’t do the same.

      As for lesson 3, I don’t think anyone should get fired. A reprimanded and advice would do so that lesson has been learned, and such incident would happen again. (I’m all for second chances!) But on a personal note, I do want a formal apology, and that would make me happy although I hope such incident will not happen again.

  2. I guess they did not read your caption properly and just assumed you were the one responsible in writing that statement -.-

  3. I’m surprise you took it down from your instagram… huhuhu..

    but still.. i don’t see any wrong from snapping that pic and post up on instagram.. they should really do some painting or cleaning work in their toilets O.o

    • I took it down because I was busy when I saw it, and I wasn’t thinking hard. Plus, upon looking at the words ‘Legal action’, I felt like.. ‘Wow… what shit am i in for for due to a photo?. I print screen the whole image to rethink the whole incident after that to find out what I did wrong, and how did I harm the mall in any way…

      But after I took it down, I felt like I was bullied because I heeded an advice and I realized I have done nothing wrong to deserve such treatment, and I think if this was one reason many people are oppressed by the rich powerful, and hence why i decided to just blog. I figure people should respect people more by being more sensitive of their statements, and threatening should not be a way to relay a message.

      Regretted taking it down anyway…

  4. Chill my friend.. There’s not really threatening. You did a great job by removing that post. You no rugi apa apa pun. But if you listrn to your friends advice by not removing, you don’t want that trouble do you?


    • That’s beyond the point really. In this post, I am wondering why was I threatened, and why threatening is needed to ask me, an ordinary person to do something.

      Secondly, if you are in my shoe, would you like if someone asked you to do something, and you did it because you were threatened?

      I’m not sure about you, but this is like you are being bullied to do something you do not want to do.

      How can we tell people ‘they have a choice’ when we fail to even adhere to their rights?

  5. This is a form of cyber bully too.

    • Indeed (if you are referring to the action by the mall).. if you are referring to the post, well, I am just asking why I am being threatened here, and not once in the post above have I said anything bad about the mall. =)

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