Tips of choosing a baby stroller

Not too long ago, Carissa was born and after a few months, there was a need to purchase a stroller.  Strollers are great for shopping and they allow your little one to get proper rest on a flat bed.

For new parents, finding the right stroller wasn’t easy as we tried to save a few ringgit by shopping for it online.

Well, we ended spending more because while the stroller came cheaper, the delivery cost was 1/3 the cost of the stroller, and it was rather disappointing to know the stroller didn’t satisfy us both.
Stroller Carissa 2 Mydear
So, with the tag still very much in place, we sold the stroller off with a loss and looked up guides to buy a baby stroller to ensure we would not repeat our mistake. To share, a general guide to buying a stroller is as seen below:

  1. You should always take the stroller for a test, meaning you should place your child in the stroller and see how he reacts.
  2. Always try folding the stroller yourself. Of course the easier you can fold it would be much preferred.
  3. Know type of stroller and how you intend to use them.

With more knowledge on stroller buying, we used the money from the first stroller to buy a new stroller which was more expensive and with better padding.  The stroller was great, and we had used it a couple of times.  Carissa could sleep in the stroller, and it provided ample shade when used outdoors.

Stroller 2

Unfortunately however, Carissa has grown up and is now learning how to stand (and walk) and she won’t want to seat in the stroller anymore.  She can also support her own back, and can sit up herself (obviously bah kan!).

In other words, if the stroller has a flat and strong enough surface, Carissa would make an effort to stand, and that is dangerous!

So, after much contemplating, we decided to get a new stroller which will not allow Carissa to stand. The stroller, known as an umbrella stroller is more expensive than the previous two but with Carissa also gaining more weight these days, it is much needed, especially since there’s a long family trip coming very soon.

Stroller 3

Thankfully, Carissa seems to love the new stroller and our first ride around the mall was fun with the lil’one making her presence known with her cute, yet loud baby talk.  This was a sign she was happy (OMG, I have a talkative one here! LoL)

We also noticed she loved dangling her feet from the stroller and does not bother to even stand up no more.

So, with that said, am selling the second stroller have soldfor a low price of RM150 as I do not want to keep too many strollers around the house.  You can contact me if you wish to buy, of head on to to get more details on the sale.


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