Why I made a police report for two missing cheap helmets

Not exactly a secret that I’ve lost two helmets over the weekend due to theft at my house, but some might wonder why I did make a police report despite the fact that the helmets are cheap (below RM150 for both).

For your information, I do love both helmets because it has served me for 7 years, but some people would be quick to point out why I am wasting paper, time and police resources just for the two helmets, which could be easily replaced.

Heck, if a shoe went missing (and I know I did not misplace them), I’d also make a report, and I think you should too, despite the fact that I had to wait at the station for like half an hour to get it done.

The whole idea of the report is to ensure the authorities, namely the police, know that the area is unsafe, and that patrols need to be stepped up to ensure such incidents, which could become worst, become less rampant, or does not happen at all.

The police report.
The police report.

Sure, it may be just a couple of helmets, but knowing someone had the guts to came into your house compound and cart off with your valuables makes you feel unsafe and traumatized, and I am not one who gets both that easily.

Regardless, I found it hard to sleep that same night the incident happened, because I was away from my home, and there was this fear that these thieves would be more daring as in to enter the house to get more items, despite the fact that my most valuable possession in the house is the sofa set.

The biggest issue for me is when I am away, because with no security dogs roaming the compound, my RM254K house is an open target, and the last thing I want is to return to a house which has been ransacked with valuable items gone.

Now that I’ve already made a police report, I’m gearing up to put an alarm at the house to scare away any attempt to break into my house.  It’s not cheap because an alarm system as I surveyed would cost me a good RM2K at least.

But, then, if it means getting myself better sleep at night, I just have to spend.

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