10 ways to lose weight without exercise and dieting


Laziness is one of the biggest problems of the society. Although it drives the progress, one cannot say that being lazy is beneficial.

Actually, people get overweight due to their unwillingness to exercise and make effort to keep fit. Later, having faced an issue of an excess weight, people start looking for the ways and means to restore their slim body.

And the laziness wins this battle too because people seek for the easiest ways to reduce the weight including different diet pills and supplements like http://healthguidereviews.info/slim-fast-shake-review-does-it-work/.

This article does not support being lazy but attempts to assist in the challenge of eliminating an excess weight. If you refuse from visiting a gym or changing your diet, the following tips will give you a small chance to approach your target.

1. Protein in the first daily meal

To increase the fat burning capability of your body, make sure your daily meal is packed with protein. You may take a protein shake or consume a more traditional food as eggs or yogurt but the main attribute of the meal should be the content of not less than 20 grams of protein.

2. Rich-in-Fiber Products

To get rid of weight means to eat less. The latter requirement can be achieved when you feel full for a long period. The products containing a sufficient amount of fiber will be your key to the longer feeling of satiation. A special benefit is provided by the so-called viscous fiber that can be found in the plants like asparagus, beans, oranges etc.

3. Lower Temperature Triggers a Fat Burning

Believe you or not, there is a study claiming that an exposure to the cool temperature triggers a conversion of fat resulting in the activation of burning calories. It does not mean you have to spend hours in the freezer to get slim. However, reducing a couple degrees on your thermostat will be rather effective.

4. Deep Sleep

A disturbed sleep is one of the reasons of an overweight. The body experience stress and stimulates the increase of appetite without mentioning the numerous health issues. Put your troubles away and try to enjoy a deep sleep. You will feel the results several nights later.

5. More Water

Water is a core element of our bodies and the quality and quantity of the water we consume do influence on the health state of the body. Besides, the more water you drink, the less you want to eat. It is especially important to drink water before eating. By the way, a greater effect can be achieved by replacing the calorie- and sugar-loaded beverages with water.

6. Early To Rise

Do you remember a saying “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man wealthy, healthy, and wise.” A balanced daily schedule promotes the harmony in other aspects of life. It is not obligatory to do exercises early in the morning. A simple stroll enjoying a sunrise is more than enough.

7. Acupuncture

Almost everyone has heard about the healing properties of acupuncture. The main idea of this activity is to influence the neuro-mechanism of the body to regulate various processes. The last studies revealed the five points on the ear that can be used to promote losing weight.

8. Meditation

Another way to cope with stress is meditation. This point is closely related to the early morning activity and a good sleep. However, you can meditate at any time you wish.

9. Eating Without Distractions

We are used to having a meal in front of a TV or a laptop. Such a distraction causes to consume more food than during a usual meal. Make sure to eat in a patient and quiet environment to avoid the excess pounds.

10. Less Sitting

Being in a standing position burns more calories than when you are sitting. There are many activities you can perform being on your feet. Give a shot and be surprised with the results.


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