24 Hours in Paris


Sometimes all that you have is only 24 hours for a travel. What to choose: stay at home or go to Paris? Life is so short to spend it only at home, the world is so great not to travel. Tours around the planet can also help you bring your love life to another level – you can try dating a Russian woman or whatever you want. If you choose one day full of so many beautiful places, delicious food, the following tips are for you.


Where to eat?
1. Hardware Societe is a new great place for breakfast with a pleasant spacious interior, a beautiful view of Parisian roofs and, of course, a whole menu of delicacies: various kinds of eggs and omelets, coffee, croissants, and jams.
2. Pain Pain is a perfect bakery for a sweet French breakfast with coffee and biscuits. Just try a chocolate-pistachio snail.

What to see?
As two addresses for breakfast are on Montmartre, you can spend the rest of the morning here, enjoying the colorful and noisy atmosphere of this place. There are always a lot of tourists, artists, and musicians. The most interesting in a nutshell: Sacre Coeur (if you are not interested in the temple, you can just go up to its domes) and Tertre Square with dozens of artists. Montmartre is very bright, noisy, colorful, don’t forget to take a photo.


Where to eat?
1. In Benedict you can try the most delicious sandwiches and salads with Benedikt eggs (poached), served with salad leaves or baked mini-potatoes. And here, perhaps, is the most delicious lemonade. The place itself is very bright, with friendly English-speaking staff.
2. Odette is a very good café and a teahouse in a few steps from Notre-Dame de Paris. Here is offered one and only dessert – shu with cream (choux a la creme), and it’s just incredibly tasty and beautiful! Advice: order a cup of tea with the shu, go up to the second floor of the cafe and enjoy stunning views of Notre Dame towers.
What to see?
Notre Dame Cathedral should be visited even for not the most religious people. You can go inside the temple, the entrance to it is free. But it is better to go up to the towers of Notre Dame, to its bells and look at Paris through the eyes of stone gargoyles.
The Latin Quarter and Saint-Germain-des-Prés – if the first is considered to be very tourist, the second one is the embodiment of chic and Parisian “snobbery”, you can just drown in the atmosphere of countless streets.
In Le Marais there is always something to do: from a huge number of museums (Picasso Museum, Pompidou Center for Contemporary Art) to countless fashionable cafes (Boot Cafe, Fragments) and concept stores (Merci, Kitsune).


Where to eat?
1. Ober mamma is an Italian restaurant in Paris. Everything is cool here: very tasty cuisine, cheerful staff, fine tableware. Even business cards are a work of art.
2. Le speakeasy is a piano and jazz restaurant near the Arc de Triomphe. It is quite expensive but with excellent the atmosphere: live music, stunning wines, impeccable service and a very tasty menu.
What to see?
The Eiffel Tower is particularly beautiful in the evening and at night, when it begins to shine with lights, it’s just a fascinating picture. Start your walk to the main iron lady of Europe from the Trocadéro square, and further down to the tower and the Champs de Mars.

So, if you have only 24 hours in Paris, try a maximum, having a minimum of time.


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