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Effects of the MCO

Effects of the MCO

I'm sure by now you are feeling the Effects of the MCO. It's day whatever it is of the Sarawak Movement Control Order (MCO) here...
Head of the family

Head of the family and shopping

The Malaysian government recently declared that only the 'Head of the family' can go out to buy essentials. The order, made to further restrict movements...

Things I’ll do during the Sarawak COVID19 lock-down

The Sarawak COVID19 lock-down started yesterday, 18 Mac 2020, and it is expected to end on 31st March 2020. It is the first time Sarawak,...

Pushing Sarawak ahead of Malaysia

As I put on this fake Malaysian jersey I got from a friend during my 30th birthday, a feeling of irony swarmed me. Here I...

GST vs SST : Which is better, WHY?

The battle between GST vs SST is real. Up to this day when this post is made, people are still arguing and debating about...

Why do people change?

Why do people change? While it seems that such a topic is easy to digest, but the truth is, there is only three reasons...

GE14: The day democracy made history

For the past 48 hours, I have been glued to the TV with my phone in my hand for GE14. My wife, Coffee Girl,...