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My two cents on current issues

This is the MOST INTERESTING comment about Adenan Satem!

This week, principals and heads of selected schools in Sarawak have been asked (almost closed to being forced) to attend a forum/event about technical...

The disappointing Kuching Waterfront 

As a Kuching born, I have always taken pride about my city, Kuching.  In fact, I am so proud of my city that I...

I saw something very disturbing at megamall in Kuching today

I went to megamall located in Kuching today to catch a movie, and on my way from the parking area, I saw two Korean...

Post Sarawak Election: You will never understand us

The 11th Sarawak General Elections is over, and it was a resounding 'YES' to Adenan Satem as Chief Minister.  The 'Adenan Fever' was so...

Adenan Satem

This is probably a one off thing, because I rarely do eulogies in my blog, but this time, it just felt right. I was in...

Sarawak Election: Making my choice for Sarawak

If everything goes well, it will be the third time I cast my vote tomorrow, the second time in a place I now call...

When the words “Choose wisely” means bull

The election fever is fast gaining pace here in Sarawak and everyone is anxious to know if the current Chief Minister, Adenan Satem, can...