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Students and Elections

Bet you've heard, undergrads in Putra University Malaysia (UPM) has been exchanging blow with the university security forces for the campus elections. Apparently, they...

How to win votes in Sarawak

Sarawak, (and Sabah) for us, is a different place if compared to the Peninsular of Malaysia.  The sentiments here are different, and the community...

The stranger, and Facebook

Sometimes greeting strangers brings regrets. Other times however, they don't. As I sit at my favourite coffee shop and wait patiently for my bowl of...

This is the MOST INTERESTING comment about Adenan Satem!

This week, principals and heads of selected schools in Sarawak have been asked (almost closed to being forced) to attend a forum/event about technical...

Why do people change?

Why do people change? While it seems that such a topic is easy to digest, but the truth is, there is only three reasons...

A highway fit for a great man

Sometimes, it is not wrong to embrace another persons idea, if it was correct.  This was one of those cases. The news of Adenan Satem...

Sports Betting in Malaysia

There has been so much hype over the government's move to legalize sports betting in Malaysia. The vast majority seems to disagree with its...