5 items on my buy list this year

Every year, I have this buy list which consist of items I want to have but need to save to buy them. These items may...

How to make Laksa Sarawak

This 'How to make Laksa Sarawak' is the first post using the 'Sarawakian food' category in this blog of mine. This recipe is not mine,...
Head of the family

Head of the family and shopping

The Malaysian government recently declared that only the 'Head of the family' can go out to buy essentials. The order, made to further restrict movements...
Bali Zoo

Travelling to Bali – Bali Zoo

We decided to go to the Bali Zoo on the 19th of December. This was because Yeyen wanted to view the Komodo Dragon which, one...

The Birthday Post – 37

I'm turning 37 this year and I have to admit the new year wasn't great. Health remains a main issue or concern for me.  For...

Over 12 hours canceled and delayed AirAsia flight experience

Ever experienced a lengthy or back-to-back delayed AirAsia flight? It happened to me when I was coming home from Bali recently. After a week in...
hit by a lightning strike

It exploded after being hit by a lightning strike

Have you ever experience your appliances being hit by a lightning strike before? To be honest, I have never had such experience, but I believe...