hit by a lightning strike

It exploded after being hit by a lightning strike

Have you ever experience your appliances being hit by a lightning strike before? To be honest, I have never had such experience, but I believe...

#MyHouse – The renovation

For the past weeks, I have been busy 'renovating' my house.  The term renovating here refers to changing and constructing parts of the house...
Doing cabling for the CCTV

Installing a CCTV around my house in Kuching

Installing a CCTV is not difficult. My house now already has an alarm system, but the thought of being able to monitor my place when...

Problem with the washing machine – A RM58 fix

A couple of weeks ago, my wife complained that there was a problem with the washing machine. She told me that the 'turbine' in washing...

My Cheapskate Project

About a year ago, I moved out of my old unit to a new unit due to major leaks. The new unit, although...

It’s Official, I Have My First House

For the past few weeks, I've been contemplating a lot about buying a house.  I have finally found one, and a discussion with my...
Patio at Peace Resort

My patio project

After my Samui trip, I really wanted to have a proper outdoor patio on my house.  I actually already have a patio when I...