Ibu Pertiwiku

Ibu Pertiwiku Instrumental Piano version

I've always like the Sarawak national anthem, Ibu Pertiwiku. Maybe it's because I am Sarawakian (which makes me biased). Unfortunately, the official versions out there sound...

5 items on my buy list this year

Every year, I have this buy list which consist of items I want to have but need to save to buy them. These items may...

Rahsia Kejayaan SPM

Dengan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) tinggal beberapa hari lagi, suka saya untuk berkongsi rahsia kejayaannya. Rahsia ini, saya telah perolehi hasil penyelidikan dan usaha berterusan...
Lazada website

Lazada lost two of my parcels worth RM3K

This is turning into a series of me talking about NinjaVan, and now Lazada. Before I go on, Lazada has been pretty reliable for years...

Apparently NinjaVan is so good, my parcel went to ‘stealth mode’

Remember the post where my parcel is travelling back in time? If you don't, you can read about it here. The parcel is one of...
Bicyble, rider, transporter

Can parcels travel back in time? Apparently they can!

I've recently made a purchase on Lazada Malaysia, and the item I've bought had since been labeled, packed and shipped by the retailer. I was...

5 steps to mysteriousness

You may know that men hate chatter-boxes who brag about co-workers, pieces of clothes, nails and so on. Instead, they prefer mature mysterious women,...