best Korean Dramas

My Korean Dramas ranking

Move along Hollywood because the best Korean Dramas is starting to take my world by storm. My wife re-introduced me to Korean Dramas this year...

This Is My Love [Korean Drama]

If I had to choose a drama which focuses on epic love, This Is My Love (also known as My Love Eun Dong) would...

The Doctors [Korean Drama]

The Doctors is a Korean Drama that features both Kim Rae-won as Hong Ji-hong and Park Shin-hye as Yoo Hye-jung. Like Crash Landing On You,...

Daulat – A thrilling Malaysian movie

I just completed watching Daulat, and to be precisely honest, I thought it was refreshing. The movie, said to be fictional, would score brownie points...
Lagenda Budak Hostel

The best part of ‘Lagenda Budak Hostel’

Last weekend, I decided to watch a Malay comedy flick called 'Lagenda Budak Hostel' because I saw this one clip which went viral on...
Crash Landing on You

Crash Landing on You [Korean Drama]

Crash Landing On You is a Korean Drama (K-Drama) that re-introduced me to the whole Korean drama scene again. It features Son Ye-jin as Yoon...
The Greatest Showman poster

5 reasons why The Greatest Showman was great

I just watched The Greatest Showman, and it's still ringing in my head. Seriously, I've always been torn between if I liked musical, or...