How To Make A Good Deed


Sunny Sun at Pasir Pandak

In my last post, I talked about sinners, or becoming a sinner that is. Now, in this post, I’ll tell you guys how you can make a good deed. Serious. No kiddin’!! No joke la…

Okay, follow these few steps to perform a very good deed. Each step is critical to the success of you making your good deed a reality.

First, register yourself for the “Which Samsung Notebook Are You” campaign. Then, fill out the contest forms, personal details, and build your very own poster so that you could join in the contest and win yourself a new Samsung laptop. (Doing a good deed also have perks ba..)

When you are done… submit and wait for 3 days for approval of your poster from Samsung.

Now comes the most critical part. Read carefully, and understand these instructions:

Click on this link or alternatively, look out for my picture/poster below.

Which Notebook Are You Contest
Bring your cursor to the upper right of the poster (where you can see icons).
Move your mouse down… and stop at GREEN.  At this point, the green button will turn orange.
Click your mouse once on the left so that the cursor clicks the now turned ORANGE BUTTON.

And wal-lah… You are done, and you have made a good deed by voting for my poster ;P

It’s easy right?? hehehhe….
But if you think you don’t want to vote for a guy coz you might think its too Gay to do so… then, vote for this girl… I know you would make her day if you do so ;P

Thanks guys….


  1. Haha! Smart move! Lovely sunset! … but does it really work? I mean, the contest?

    Yeh.. I’d like to think that the contest works. I mean, its Samsung.. why should they create a contest which doesnt work?

  2. haha..hehe.. click jak ka.. anytime..

    Thanks Sumuk… but That’s the problem actually. You have to register first to vote… if click only.. kan bagus.


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