How to Replace Bread in a Diet


A regular person cannot imagine his or her diet without bread. Any store can offer multiple types of bread made of wheat, corn and other crops. Besides, a bread act as an ingredient in various junk food like burgers or hot dogs.

It seems that there is nothing special or unfavorable in this type of product. However, the people concerned about the weight management must be very careful in their attitude to the bread.

Do you know what major ingredient has to be removed when you take a diet? I suppose that you have guessed it. Indeed, a bread is the main source of calories. For example, the well-liked French bread supplies the incredible 400 calories!

If you prefer the other kinds of bread, you may inquire the energy value of your favorite product. I bet, your eyes will be full of wonder. For this reason, no low-calorie diet allows you any idea about including any form of bread to your daily meals.

Harmless Bread Types

Nevertheless, there are many options of tasty bread made of healthy elements. These types of bread contain a low content of carbs and are often allowed for a diet. Let’s have a look at some popular versions of this product.


The taste of this product is a bit peculiar since the main components of bread include the fermented grains and lactic acid. Despite the fact that you have to put up with a sour taste, the sourdough bread is a rather nutritious product that can be made at home. The main flaw is the content of gluten.


Unfortunately, a gluten sensibility will become a barrier to using this wheat bread substitute. The main advantage of the rye is a high fiber. A flavor is not sweet though some branded rye bread is made with an addition of wheat resulting in a sweeter taste.


Unlike the previous options, tortillas are generally made of corn and water and do not contain gluten. The applicable scope of tortillas includes pizza, sandwiches, burgers etc. This bread alternative offers a high amount of fiber.

If you browse the web, you will find many other organic alternatives to a regular bread. Such products as Ezekiel, Oopsie or Cauliflower Breads are the nutrient options to reduce the caloric content but enjoy a bread texture.

Bread at Meal

Replacing bread with the healthier versions is not obligatory since there are multiple other food choices to opt. For example, the fresh vegetables will not pack you with calories and carbs but deliver the essential fiber to the body. To make them more tasteful you can grill vegetables and enjoy their flavor at dinner.

If your breakfast had an obligatory component represented by bread, it is time to make a substitute to improve your chances to fit in your pants. Various grains provide a greater or equal feeling of satiation than bread. However, if your addiction is too high, then opt for the above-mentioned healthy alternatives as tortillas or rye. Thus, you can still enjoy a toast but with a lesser amount of calories.

We cannot forget about the eggs that are known for their nutritious properties. In general, a rich-in-protein food is highly advised to consume instead of bread for its great appetite suppression qualities.

As you see, there is nothing terrible in opting for a free-of-bread nutrition. Naturally, the taste of the alternative products is not the same, but it does not mean that it is worse.


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