Identity Thief: It won’t make your tummy ache

So you are considering to watch this new movie known as ‘Identity Thief’. The trailer as you have probably seen online or in cinemas looks promising. Haven’t seen it? Well, no problem coz I’ve attached it below:

There, bet you can’t wait to buy ’em tickets now, kan? It does look promising, doesn’t it?

But I’ll wait until it appears on ASTRO HBO or some cable network if I were you. It wasn’t that funny, and I didn’t cry until my tummy ached. You know that feeling you get when something is so overly funny that you laugh so hard your tears fall out, and your tummy is in pain just because it was so Gawd damn funny?

Yep, this wasn’t one of those moments.
Identity Thief
The story as said, revolved around accountant Sandy Bigelow Patterson, who found that his credit card was maxed out because someone (known as Diana, and later Dawn) who stole his identity.

Along the movie, you’d be introduced to characters chasing after Dawn, but it eventually all goes back to Sandy trying to bring Dawn back to Denver where he would eventually hand her to the police to clear his debts and name.

Despite some ‘soft porn’ in this movie, there was nothing special about this movie for me, except for the fact that the plot seemed a little interesting and different.

If you wanted a movie which will give you a tummy ache due to excessive laughter, try checking out “Here Comes the Boom”.

Now, that my friends is not only a good touching teacher’s day movie, but also one which will make your LOL so hard, your tummy would hurt, and your eyes would be wet of joyful tears.

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