Insights for balancing between college and personal life

Who said that balancing between your personal life and college is impossible? Find tips here to help you strike that elusive balance.


Even though life has 360 degrees or angles, you can only stand upright at one of them. If you observe life properly, you will find that one thing is necessary to stand upright at 90 degrees—balance. When you lose balance, you definitely stumble and fall because your life’s stability depends on it. Therefore, this post shares ideas to help you strike that elusive balance between your education and personal life. By mastering and applying these principles, you will protect your life from falling apart or off the cliff.

Get External Support

To get a proper balance between your study and personal life, you need to get external support. The reason is that your life is a network and a small fraction in a sea of humanity upon which you depend to excel. Therefore, get the support of other people because they have valuable ideas and experiences that can help you to establish balance. For instance, many colleges have counselors who counsel students in this area because they were once learners. They can inspire you with necessary insights for mastering how to manage your time and infuse your operations with efficiency. Moreover, such help enables you to cope with challenging and stressful moments of life.


To enjoy a balance between your school work and personal life, you have to be moderate everything you do. Don’t go over the cliff trying to do too much of anything. When it is time to party and enjoy time with your friends, you should know where to draw the line and get back to your studies. Inversely, it is prudent to know how to limit your time with books and take time off with your friends and yourself. Here, you ought to apply the wisdom of the maxim that too much of anything is poisonous.


Taking time to exercise is another tool for enforcing balance between your personal and study life. For instance, taking time off to do workouts will enable you to relieve stress while infusing you with fresh energy to keep you more focused and organized. Also, it helps you to see life from another angle that the four walls of your classroom cannot give you.

Sleep Well

So far, we have looked at the things you need to do to strike the much-needed, and yet, highly elusive balance between your study life and personal life. However, you can also achieve much by doing nothing at all, that is, logging out of life temporarily through sleep. By spending enough time in bed resting, you allow your body and mind to rejuvenate and replenish for the tasks ahead. To excel in these two, you need to remember that you need your mind and body to be in their best state. Therefore, you have to formulate a healthy sleep program and stick to it to allow you get the most out of it.

Learn to Sacrifice

All success in life requires sacrifices. To succeed in maintaining this balance, you have to learn how to sacrifice some things when it is necessary. It is necessary to plan and decide what you should drop out of the way to keep you within the safe limits of balance. For instance, if spending more time with your friends distracts you, then you will need to limit that time and allocate it to other activities that will help you to excel in your studies. To succeed in this, you have to develop a highly adaptable mindset that enables you to reschedule some things to accommodate balance.

Keep Things Simple

Lastly, it is necessary to learn the beauty of simplicity in everything you do to enjoy proper balance. Don’t try working too hard to accommodate everything or please everyone. In fact, if you set yourself to please everyone, you will definitely end up offending more people. Therefore, remain in charge and learn how to say no to something.

We believe these tips will help you lead a balanced life as a college student. If you need more counsel or help such as PhD dissertation writing service, you are welcome to contact us. We are waiting for your call.


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