Over a memorable caramel macchiato

A few months ago, the bros and I had a midnight discussion at a ‘drinking party’. There was quite a lot that we talked about, but one topic I guess was quite ‘heavy’.

It was in regards to the future, and what do you see in it.

I’ll skip the detailed discussion, since we have a ‘bro-code’ to not talk about these ‘sharing’ sessions. Nonetheless, the image below will say a lot about what the future brings to me.
myDiamond Ring
While some may question, and others might be all negative about it, I think otherwise because, it is for me, a sure thing.  Never had I been so sure about a person in my life.

When you are reading this post, I bet the whole thing has been done, and documented, and more things may, or may not be in the process of removing the ‘I’ in my life.

Tell you more, when it’s over, but for now, wish me luck, because it will be over a ‘caramel macchiato’, with the help people at Starbucks, Kuching, which has been simply amazing!

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