Planning the Proposal – “Because life was never meant to be lived alone”

I bet it’s been figured out already after my previous post. Last night at about 830PM, I proposed to someone special, known to the world as Coffee Girl at a place I think we both feel nostalgic, known as Starbucks Kuching International Airport (KIA).

The gesture, or more aptly known as ‘the proposal’ marks a new chapter in my life because after 30 years, I am working on one of the biggest projects ever in my life, which is to end my single life.

It was not easy trying to keep everything under wraps because I spend a lot of time with my ‘otter-half’, and things almost slipped out when my mum, who joined my sister, Dinah and I on a movie, asked “So when is the big day and have you planned it out?” – It was not her fault, because she didn’t know. (Tip #1: Always tell mum!)

Oh… that was indeed a panicking moment for me because it would have screwed all the plans. Thankfully, Dinah didn’t really hear the question, and choose to ignore it, despite knowing there was something I didn’t want her to know after I abruptly stopped mum from asking more.

As days passed, I made arrangements to go meet her father in the village on the first of Ramadhan, because I had a holiday. It was sort of a surprise visit plan to ask for Dinah’s fatherly consent for me to propose because I think asking for her dad’s approval would be a proper gesture. – Unfortunately, my ‘otter-half’ decided to take a holiday as well on that day, so the plan blew up in smokes. (Tip #2: Never ever tell you are on a holiday if you have a secret plan like this)

Prior to this also, plans were also drawn up to make this proposal happen at Starbucks KIA.

Why Starbucks you must ask, kan?

Well, for starters, it was where we first met (there were so many other times, but this was where it all happened), and it was also the first Starbucks Caramel macchiato she had. (Tip #3: Find somewhere special)

Knowing I had a few friends in Starbucks, I pulled some strings and asked for their favor, and a huge thank you really goes out to Ezam, Mus, Alin, Andrew and all the Starbucks crew at KIA for helping out. They did everything superbly! (Tip #4: Find special people!)

The spot, coincidentally the same spot where we first drank coffee together.
The spot, coincidentally the same spot where we first drank coffee together.

The game plan by this point was to order a cup of caramel macchiato, and propose upon giving it to her as doodles of ‘Will you marry me’ were shown on the cup, but there was a problem. I wanted it to be documented.

Starbucks Cup
Doodles by Starbucks KIA for the occasion =)

That’s where Mike came in. A real buddy whom I can trust to keep things to himself, this bro went “What’s happening next Wednesday again?” when I told him to keep the whole plan to himself. (Tip #5: Always get a good cameraman/friend to help document it all)

I was tempted to invite friends for the huge day, but decided it would be difficult to keep it secret if there was a sudden number of my friends at KIA. – I mean, who the hell goes all the way to KIA on a Wednesday night for no apparent reason? I’m very sure Dinah would smell somethings up. (Tip #6: The less people know about it, the bigger the surprise)

So on the day, I wore my usual attire (probably wore something a bit better) and brought Dinah out for dinner. Despite being full, I made an excuse to go to KIA because “I was still hungry, and I wanted Starbucks, and it only could be found at KIA”. (Tip #7: Go a day as usual)

Butterflies were indeed in my tummy as I almost puked on the way. I was already full due to dinner, but the thought of what I’d do next sent nervous vibes to my tummy.

Lucky I managed to control my cool, and we head on straight to KIA, parking illegally nearby Starbucks.

As we walked in, I waved to Mike whom I’ve planted there since 8AM (this mate was also early!), and asked Dinah to stay with him. She did so without suspecting anything =P

Walked over to the counter, and Ahmad was all smiles while handing me the custom made cup, while the whole team wished me ‘good luck’.

Walked over then to the sofas where Mike and Dinah was, knelt down to have this recorded. (Mind you, I was all over the place!)

Well, it wasn’t as perfect as I imagined, because the nervous cells inside of me got the best of me, but I am very happy she said YES!

The proposal 010
There you have it. The ring and the cup. The cup probably would cost more than the ring now… at least for both of us.

I know, the whole proposal wasn’t as grand as others, but I’m not really good in mastering grand stuff. Anyway, to everyone who sent their congratulatory messages, thank you =)

“It’s because I believe life is not meant to be lived alone. No matter how many friends and relatives you have, there is nothing like having someone to grow old with and to be there for you no matter what.” – JUNE H.L.WONG

p/s: The tips are not meant to show I’m an expert. It’s just what I drew up, and figure, hey, you might want to learn a few things. I know many of those reading this can do much better!

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