Review of Adult Colouring Books


Colouring books were once just used to entertain kids when it was raining outside. These days though, there are lots of different adult colouring books available which are designed to help adults unwind and relax. Today we are going to do a brief review of adult colouring books and suggest some of the best sellers you might want to buy.

3Secret Garden

The Secret Garden Adult Colouring book is a excellent book to add to your collection. All of the pictures are drawn in pen and are very intricate. The detailed pictures can take a long time to colour in properly. This book has a theme running through it with lots of animals hidden on different pages throughout the book. You will not only enjoy colouring the pictures in, but also finding all of the secrets. There do however seem to be two versions of this book, a copy printed in China and a copy printed in Italy. Where possible buy the copy from Italy as the paper is much thicker and of a higher quality.

2Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest is another beautifully illustrated adult colouring book. The images are of forests and animals. The pictures are extremely well drawn and of a very high quality. This will give you lots of hours of enjoyment and relaxation. It’s amazing how colouring can clear your head and improve your mood. The paper in the book is of a high quality which means you won’t experience the ink bleeding through to other pages.

1Tropical Wonderland

Tropical Wonderland is packed full of lots of tropical landscapes and animals for you to colour in. It’s available in both paperback and a very expensive hardback version. To be honest, most people would be better off choosing the much more affordable paperback since you might want to rip some of the finished designs out of the book anyway.

All of the pictures in Tropical Wonderland are beautiful and very detailed. The paper is thick, but some pens will bleed through to the other side. As there are designs on both sides of the paper this can be an issue. Some designs also spread both pages of the book, so you will need to be careful when colouring these in.


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