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Elections in Malaysia

Hey hey, check the 'Jom bertindak' thing below: With all honesty and disclosure, I'd like to say that I filled in the form to get these stuff for free. Truthfully, I just wanted the cool collar...

Abdul Taib Mahmud, Sarawak & Unity

Sarawak is a blessed state. It's peaceful, rich and simply lovely in almost every aspect. West Malaysians come to Sarawak shores dazzled by the unity and community spirit among Sarawakians regardless of race or...


Patriotic songs are normally boring, but there are two songs which I think are really lovely. One is 'Setia', sang by Francissca Peter (photo below). Francissca Peter - Original singer of 'Setia' You can check out...

Free Laptop 1Malaysia

Recently, the government announced that it would be giving out thousands of 1Malaysia Laptops or Netbooks to be precise. The laptops which are aimed to promote the use of ICT among students and...

Useless Blogging

I found out that some people claim that blogging is useless.  They claim it's wasting time and brings no benefits. I disagree. Blogging has improved my networking by leaps. I've made new friends and while I'm...

‘Allah’ Divides Malaysia

NOTE: This article by Aidil Rusli from The Malaysian Insider is one of the best articles on the 'Allah' issue.  You must read it. Although I celebrated my birthday a few days ago with minimal...

Issue: The Herald Can Use ‘Allah’

I'm hugely dissapointed with a small group of people in Malaysia.  Yes, the Malaysian High court has allowed Catholic newspaper 'Herald' to use the word 'Allah', which means that the word is not exclusive...
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