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The Rain-Fest 2010 Final Review

Yeah, I know… yet another post about the Rain-Fest. If you are getting bored reading about the rain-fest, then be patient because this is the last post about how great the 3-day fest was. Indeed,...

The Rainforest World Music Festival 2010: The Media Pass

To be frank, I practically jumped with joy when I saw an email from Gustino Basuan which reads "I cant find your email address. Please email me ASAP as I already list you up...

Go Bald On Teacher’s Day

I may be the last person to post about Go Bald which occurred in the Spring last week, but I've been very busy jumbling between work and life. As Fahriee may put it, The Go...

The end & the beginning

The photo above is taken during the last evening of 2009. I think it's a clear sign of how 2009 is ending on a sad note for myself. In fact, 2009 is...

My Privilege Book 2010

I'm sure most, or at least some of you have heard about My Privilege Book.  Well, if you haven't, then let me give you a quick guide with this sentence: "It's a book filled...
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