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Chuwi Surbook without accessories

Review: The Chuwi Surbook

I've had the Chuwi Surbook for almost a month now, and I think I've figured it all out, the good and the bad. Now, I am not going to do a typical review by breaking...
Chuwi Surbook Delivery Box

My Chuwi Surbook has arrived. This is the unboxing

Hey, after months of wait for the Chuwi Surbook, it has finally arrived! - Six days after Chuwi said they had sent my Surbook. As you know, it has been quite a wait, but my...

The Chuwi Surbook is finally shipping out!

If you are following this personal blog of mine, you'd know that I've recently made a purchase, or rather funded something on Indiegogo called the Chuwi Surbook. At the time I made the contribution, I...
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