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My 4WD accident and how I lost it’s Navara bumper

In December 2022, my Navara was involved in an accident and lost it's Navara bumper. Anyway, I contemplated writing about this, but decided I should after all since the insurance claim is done and over. The...


I inspected my car after I was told it was ready for pick up.  Was not really happy with it, and called up MrX and asked him that my car need further repairs.  I...

Disgusted Move

The National Robotics Competition for Sarawak is over.  I feel relieved, and not mentioning so darn free.  Now, I could catch up on all my outstanding work, and work towards a better working environment. ...

A Hard Bang

I got my first car this year... and despite not really having the best of experience with the car, I have to say I am satisfied with it. It gets me to where I want...
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