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Noah is and was banned

Noah the movie, was banned by Malaysia. *yawn* What's new? We are after all living in Malaysia where it seems that (some of) the Muslims get confused easily, and where Islam is supreme over all...

The Police Report

___________________________________________________________ BONUS!!! Hell Yeah!!! I'm getting a one months bonus!!!!  Now I can buy that Washing Machine I always wanted!!  Thanks Pak Lah!! ___________________________________________________________ Oh yes.. Anwar won as expected in the Permatang Pauh parlimentary seat. ...

Malaysia BOLEH!!!

_________________________________ @1045am: Lee Chong Wei was just totally outclassed by Lin Dan.  Maybe next time I guess... *sad* @730pm: The world is weird, unfair and full of bullshit.  I'm depressed.  No... Chong Wei has not played,...
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