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Sold my Apple MacBook Air M1

After using the Apple MacBook Air M1 for a year, I decided to let it go yesterday for RM3K, which is slightly lower than the price I bought it. To me, it's a fair price...

My Apple Watch 7 review: What I liked and disliked

I recently got hold of the Apple Watch 7 and this is my review.  Before I say more, this watch is the latest version of the Apple Watch at the time of writing, and...

My MacBook Air review: What I like & what I dislike

I now have my 1st Apple laptop and this is my MacBook Air review. I opted for the MacBook Air M1 after watching a few reviews online & listening to recommendations from friends. Price also played...

Apple iPhone SE 2020 review

The Apple iPhone SE 2020 was released in April 2020 and it is considered Apple's answer to the mid-range smartphones which is now flooding the market. In general, the iPhone SE 2020 looks like the...

Death Is The Gift Of Life

Steve Jobs. A name every Apple fan knows. He transformed computers worldwide after he started Apple, and started the 'i-series' of products every wants to get. His death is indeed mourned by many, particularly...

What The Windows Phone 7 OS Needs To Beat Apple iOS & Android

After over two weeks getting acquainted with the Windows Phone 7 OS, I can now give you a good list of suggestions to improve the Windows Phone 7 which is now attached to my...

The Good & The Bad of The Apple iPhone

The iPhone by Apple has been on my 'wishlist' for quite sometime. I've made it a point that I will get an iPhone once my current phone goes dead, and hope by then...
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