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Fatherhood – The myths, the legends and the questions

Carissa Dhea is now almost a month old, and it looks like those so called 'sleepless nights' my dad warned me about are proving to be true. Perhaps showing off her lungs are now 100%...

Carissa Dhea: A Christmas miracle

The bag you see above has been in the car ever since the 21st of December. Ever since Carissa was admitted, there was this hope that she would be discharged from the Special Babies...

Is it a Boy or Girl?

Probably the biggest and most common question I get when someone knows my wife is expecting is whether it's a boy or girl, and with the nine months almost up, the moment of truth...

When Sex Is Better Than Motherhood

I found this article about Miranda Kerr very interesting.  The title: "Model defends breastfeeding photo". If you are lazy to click on the link above, here's an idea: An online site called CafeMom which is...
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