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What you should know about English in Sarawak

People are asking why Sarawak has decided to use English.  Seriously, the question should be 'Why Not?'. After almost a month since the news broke, here I am giving all of you this piece of...

Pass English To Pass SPM

Latest education issue.  You need to pass your English paper, to pass your SPM. What do I think?? Well... here's a good thought..... ...... ...... ...... YIPPIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! *Jumping jovially* Honestly, I'm not ignorant that some people fare badly at English, and if...

A tag in B. Malaysia

10.04.09 Update: Wishing all Christians a blessed Good Friday.  I will be in a hiatus for till Easter.  Just want to enjoy the good weekend. Okay, I got this tag from Amiey, and since I've...

English In Science & Mathematics

11 March UPDATE: Was e-mailed by ASTRO AWANI for a phone interview between 8-9pm tonight. Talk about instant fame!! My voice will be live on Cable TV!! 9 March 09 UPDATE: Finally managed to update my...
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