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GE14: The day democracy made history

For the past 48 hours, I have been glued to the TV with my phone in my hand for GE14. My wife, Coffee Girl, seems to understand that this was such a momentous moment...

Aren’t we patriotic enough?

So, my 'otter-half' decided we should watch a movie last night, and well we did. Since it was the month of merdeka, there were two short movie screenings related to merdeka (which I though...

#GE13: Phantom voters, election tactics & ballot boxes in Sarawak

It was evident that after the election results were announced, there was dismay on both sides of the divide. The National Coalition, BN failed to wrest a comfortable 2/3 mandate, and eventually lost more...

Deciding your Malaysian vote

There are times we make decisions based on rationale and proof, but this coming election, which is taunted to be one of the most fiercely contested is not one of those times. As a registered...

Wake up Sarawakians!

This will be a wee bit political. It is concerning the recent video which is alleged to tell how the CM plunders land from Sarawakians. I'm not sharing the link, nor am I am...
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