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The birthday post : 39

I am 39 today. Another year to be thankful about. With the pandemic and all, I guess I spent a good time of my 38 years focusing on my family, consolidating my blogs to make...

The Birthday Post: Thirty Six

I'm Thirty Six this year and a few days before this day, I was down with flu and was feeling slightly unwell.  In fact, I celebrated the 2019 new year in bed as early...

The Birthday Post: Thirty-Four

Today is the day I was born.  Not exactly sure about the time, but as usual, this is a post about what happened in the past year,  so bear with me. Been living for 34...

Birthday post: The present of a lifetime

Let's face it. I am not young anymore. By all means, I do feel like I'm still energetic, and able to do so many things - but my body is ticking at a different...

Birthday Post: 29 – Still Standing Strong

Today is the 6th day of January, and guess who was born on this very same day 29 years ago? Yeah, I guess you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that...

Hitz Kuching Birthday Invasion, Anugerah Carta Borneo & BCCK

Last weekend was one hell of a weekend. 3 major events happened, and I was involved in three, either directly or indirectly. Friday was the Hitz Kuching Birthday bash, followed by Tweet-Up Kuching, and the...

The Epic Bogelboy

Nevermind the title. It's just something Fahriee came out with after an epic event at his place. It changed the month of April for me, and it made me make sure that my bathroom...
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