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The Proton Saga BLM Design & Facelift 2011

Let's take a break from the HTC HD7, and bring something which made me go "Damn!! Now, that's a stunning little car." Yes ladies and gentleman, the new 2011 face-lift for my car, the Saga...

PROTON Car Review: Most Reliable?

In recent days, I have found myself looking up for a reliable Proton car review. Ever since my new SAGA has arrived, I keep tabs on new PROTON cars, as well as it's close rival...

Proton Saga Review

Changed my road tax today.  Yup.  She is 1 year old.  She still retains her normal body shape, and is as sexy as ever, despite her new ass, which had to be replaced after...

A Hard Bang

I got my first car this year... and despite not really having the best of experience with the car, I have to say I am satisfied with it. It gets me to where I want...
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