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Tea With CM: Unity and Disunity

Yesterday I had the opportunity to literally have tea with Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud.  If you are not a fan of his, or you are one of those whom has already made your mind...

A Way More Awesome #TwtUpKch 2011 Than Expected

I'm not a man with much words, and I am most certainly a person which would want to say something would be awesome, fantastic or epic before it happens. Yes, in other words, I...

Break Free of Kuching in 2011!

You know, people claim Kuching is boring. Yes, many people say my lovely city is boring, lifeless, dull, quiet, errmm.. dead? But that's simply gonna change this December because, boy do I have some news! First...

#TwtUpKch: Tweet Up Kuching Starts

A month ago, a couple friends and I were having some small chat about having a massive Tweetup for Kuching. A tweet up is basically an event where two or more twitters gather and...

Sarawak Borneo Street Dance – Are You Ready To Flip?

Remember this post on Boyination? I was simply blown away with the moves shown, and a huge admiration of these dancers crept into me. They flipped, twisted, jumped and danced to the music, and it...

Why Sarawak Bloggers?

The latest edition of Happenings in Sarawak is featuring *ehem*... me. Now, I'm not famous, and I'm not influential.  I just believe that Sarawak Bloggers is a good way to meet some awesome people like...

Sarawak Bloggers 1st Anniversary

It's been close to a month since this significant event, and I've yet to say anything about it. So many things are on my mind, so this event sort of left my mind every...
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