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Influencers need to pay tax in Malaysia

Do Youtubers, TikTokers, Bloggers or Influencers need to pay tax in Malaysia?

Do influencers need to pay tax in Malaysia? There's an increase of digital content makers in the industry these days and there's questions if they need to pay tax. These digital content creators can be bloggers,...

5 Ways You’ll Kill You Blog

Before I proceed to list down the 5 items stated in the title above, let me just point out that this is solely based on my opinion. You may not agree with me, and...

It Didn’t Look That Bad

Last Saturday, Reptoz.com organized the Sarawak Bloggers Talk. I was one of the speakers, and my topic was to talk on Sarawak Bloggers and the importance of blogging. It doesn't seem to...

Useless Blogging

I found out that some people claim that blogging is useless.  They claim it's wasting time and brings no benefits. I disagree. Blogging has improved my networking by leaps. I've made new friends and while I'm...

Just A Dot

A question any blogger would get is "Why do you blog?" Blogging with my Versa since 2007 Yeah, sure... some would be quick to say "For money", but not everyone earns RM12K a...

MaggaAd – Online Advertising Done Different?

I actually stumbled upon this new advertising service called MangaAd. Don't ask me which blog it was, but the pinkish advert somehow caught my eyes. Not that I am into pink at all. I went...

Coffee With Dr Sam Of Bosnia [Live Blogging]

Hi guys.. trying this out.. Doing live blogging from Starbucks,The Spring, Kuching with Dr. Sam, founder of the Bosnian Pyramids.  Refresh to get the latest updates. 8:45pm- Anna asked a question about pyramids; whether its...
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