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MBGF Day 3: The Closed Session

Of all the days of the Malaysian Business Global Forum , I was sooo looking forward to this one.  Not that I didn't like the other sessions, but this one was special because it...

MBGF Day 2: The State Banquet

Okay, this will be a really short update, I hope.  I talk more in my blog than I actually do when in person, so yea.. maybe it will be a rather medium post after...

Coffee With Dr Sam Of Bosnia [Live Blogging]

Hi guys.. trying this out.. Doing live blogging from Starbucks,The Spring, Kuching with Dr. Sam, founder of the Bosnian Pyramids.  Refresh to get the latest updates. 8:45pm- Anna asked a question about pyramids; whether its...

The Official Opening of The Global Malaysian Business Forum

Imaging the feeling when you realize people of huge stature staring straight at you, probably wondering "Who the hell are these guys?". Well, that's just what happened at the official opening of the Global Malaysian...

Media Pass

I received my media pass for the Malaysian Global Business Forum - Bosnia today from Anne at the Executive Lounge at Four Points Sheraton tonight. She was there with Liyana, a brand ambassador from...

Bosnia-Herzegovina: A Friend With Benefits

I am an ordinary Malaysian, so having Starbucks reserved for me to sit and have coffee with an important figure such as an ambassador is very much unlikely to happen by any standards.  However,...
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