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He doesn’t deserve to die

A busy week has just passed, and I am so looking forward to my course in one of Malaysia's most blessed cities tomorrow.  Just thinking of the fact that I'd be able to get...

DSLR an Advantage?

At the moment,  so much is going on...  been moving up and down town like crazy, spending money I don't really have to spend... but I guess, that's the effect of holidays.  You spend.....


I'm fed up of our Malaysian National Courier.  It's disappointing how lame and fake their so called "World Class" service is.  I'm disgusted.  Totally. I have been waiting for a week for my new Canon...

Selling The New LG KC550 Slide Phone Cheap

Most of you know that I have been waiting for the LG KC550 phone I have won from Digi.  And I think, if you have been reading my blog loyally (Thank you for that,...
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