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My 4WD accident and how I lost it’s Navara bumper

In December 2022, my Navara was involved in an accident and lost it's Navara bumper. Anyway, I contemplated writing about this, but decided I should after all since the insurance claim is done and over. The...

How to remove stubborn tar from car body

In the video above, I share how to remove stubborn tar from the body of my car. The tar, as I explained in the video, was due to me passing by a road that was...

Comments on Proton Preve a.k.a Proton P3-21A Specs, Price & Photo

Not sure what came over me, but I suddenly had the urge to check out what's the whole fuss over the Proton P3-21A, which is also said to most probably be called Proton Espire. The...

Brain Wash By Hitz.FM

Had my ride 'pimped' with a huge sticker yesterday. Not that I don't 'sayang' my car, but free petrol, and the free two times a week carwash for a whole 3 months is a good...

The Power Window

Proton claimed that their power windows are now better with zero defects and vast improvements. Funny fact: After two glorious years, I now can wind down my window, but I can't put it back up....

The Proton Saga BLM Design & Facelift 2011

Let's take a break from the HTC HD7, and bring something which made me go "Damn!! Now, that's a stunning little car." Yes ladies and gentleman, the new 2011 face-lift for my car, the Saga...

The ‘Proton Inspira’, Now That’s A Name!

Probably taking the Malay version of the word 'Inspire', which is 'Inspirasi'... Proton has decided to name their latest car 'Inspira'. The car, which has been touted to be the replacement model of the...
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