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Parenthood tales: Sleeping early

This happened on 9 February 2022 and it involves sleeping early. It's one of the stories I'm sharing under the tag 'Parenthood tales' which is about my daughter as I watch her grow up...

Parenthood tales: Warm Water

This happened on 6 April 2022 and it is about warm water. During dinner, I was coughing badly because the chilli I was eating hit that one spot in my throat that made it itch...

Parenthood: Teaching about choices & responsibilities

I am against asking my daughter to do something just because I say so and hence why I have decided to teach her about choices and responsibilities. But how do you teach about choices and...
head band incident

The head band incident

I'm here to talk about 'the head band incident'.  Last week was one of the many days my wife had to travel. Since her travel required her to stay overnight in Kuala Lumpur, I had...

Fatherhood – She doesn’t want me

Carissa turned 11-months last Monday the 16th, and it came with a fever.  By far, it must be the highest and longest so far. The fever started on Saturday night when I noticed her forehead...

Fatherhood – The sleepless nights

Lets talk about fatherhood again, in this personally called 'fatherhood series'. You'd be able to tell it's about fatherhood because i'll put in in front of the title. Since Carissa came back, there has been...

Fatherhood – The myths, the legends and the questions

Carissa Dhea is now almost a month old, and it looks like those so called 'sleepless nights' my dad warned me about are proving to be true. Perhaps showing off her lungs are now 100%...
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