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I Had Fun Doing This!~ JoHaRa

Let's face it. Most probably, I ain't gonna win that RM20K for the JoHaRa Era Contest I was talking about in my previous post. Time constrain and problems having the right cameraman simply didn't help. Tried...

Taking My ‘Semenanjung Buddies’ Around (Sia Sitok JoHaRa ERA Kuching)

Last weekend, I signed myself up for a contest.  The 'bounty' in line is a good hefty 20 grand, and God knows how I could really use that cash now.  The renovation of my...

When RM100 is ‘Too Little’

I remember clearly. When I told someone I'd like to get back RM1,000 I've spent for something to 'break even', that someone burst into laughter and told me, that's such a small amount, and...

MaggaAd – Online Advertising Done Different?

I actually stumbled upon this new advertising service called MangaAd. Don't ask me which blog it was, but the pinkish advert somehow caught my eyes. Not that I am into pink at all. I went...

The Gravity League

The English Premier League started last week, and there are numerous Fantasy Manager Games out there. Some of them are offering no prizes, while some are offering some sort of incentives.  This year, I...
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