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Which is the best telco in Kuching?

I've not exactly written much about technology in this personal blog of mine, but here's actually one question I get, way too often; "Which is the best telco in Kuching?" The question usually comes from...

How Cool Is DiGi?

I bet you all have your favorite telco. Some may like Celcom, others Maxis, TM and maybe some will say they favour U-Mobile!  I like DiGi. Why? Well, they come up with the best adverts ever,...

Kuching Xpax Xplay Party 2010

I'd just want to say a huge thank you to Advertlets for inviting me to the Kuching Xpax Xplay Party 2010 at Paragon, Travillion, Kuching.  The party was AWESOME!!! So, the party was largely raved...

Kuching Xplay Party

Are you free tomorrow (18 June - Friday)? Perhaps you'd be in Kuching also? How about needing to shed some weight or do something different other than watch football.  Okay, maybe you'd wanna watch...

The Amazing Race Kuching Audition

For some odd reason, AXN decided to hold the Amazing Race Asia 4 Auditions in Kuching.  They skipped other major towns, and actually decided to come down to Kuching, which was some what considered...

DiGi vs Celcom Prepaid Internet Broadband

After doing some intensive research, I finally decided to get the DiGi Prepaid Broadband.  I have Streamyx at home, but when I am on the go... I need internet :P So, decided to go...
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