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Why do people change?

Why do people change? While it seems that such a topic is easy to digest, but the truth is, there is only three reasons why people ultimately change in my opinion. To put into perspective,...

#GE13: Phantom voters, election tactics & ballot boxes in Sarawak

It was evident that after the election results were announced, there was dismay on both sides of the divide. The National Coalition, BN failed to wrest a comfortable 2/3 mandate, and eventually lost more...

SwkPolls11: The Undecided

I always believed Sarawakians are a matured lot. Street protest and riots have never succeeded in the state. This time around, PR led by DAP seems to be getting a lot of...

Sarawak For Change

The one thing I love about blogging and being in the Sarawak Bloggers (And I still can't believe I am still saying it), is the fact that I get to build my network, extend...

The end of CDASON.COM

If you are observant enough, you'd realize that my archives have been scaled down to a near one year plus only, dating from May 2008.  Previously, it was since September 2007, and that is...

Facebook Names

The one thing I like about Facebook is the fact that most people use their real names online.  This means, no names which I term as 'junk names' are available.  For me, one should...

The Morning Crew

I bet most of you love listening to JJ and Rudy in the morning. I do.  Those two nutty guys, from Hitz.fm, can do wonders to your mornings.  They actually put the word 'N'...
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