Why do people change?

Why do people change? While it seems that such a topic is easy to digest, but the truth is, there is only three reasons why people ultimately change in my opinion. To put into perspective, when I say ‘change’, I mean that the person changes for good, leaving their old ways, and not some momentarily […]

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#GE13: Phantom voters, election tactics & ballot boxes in Sarawak

It was evident that after the election results were announced, there was dismay on both sides of the divide. The National Coalition, BN failed to wrest a comfortable 2/3 mandate, and eventually lost more than they gained, while the loose People’s Alliance (PR) failed in their attempt to win Putrajaya. The results was disappointing for

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SwkPolls11: The Undecided

I always believed Sarawakians are a matured lot. Street protest and riots have never succeeded in the state. This time around, PR led by DAP seems to be getting a lot of ground. Well, before you turn out and vote, reflect on who is most sincere in helping Sarawak. Please don’t be emotional when casting

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Sarawak For Change

The one thing I love about blogging and being in the Sarawak Bloggers (And I still can’t believe I am still saying it), is the fact that I get to build my network, extend my friend list, and get myself well exposed. Sounds simple, but it’s an elaborated journey of my life, and I guess

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Facebook Names

The one thing I like about Facebook is the fact that most people use their real names online.  This means, no names which I term as ‘junk names’ are available.  For me, one should take pride in their own name, and use it as often as possible when trying to address themselves, or introducing themselves

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The Morning Crew

I bet most of you love listening to JJ and Rudy in the morning. I do.  Those two nutty guys, from, can do wonders to your mornings.  They actually put the word ‘N’ in naughty, and could top Santa’s list of the ‘naughty list’.

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