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The Top 5 & Probably The Best Malaysian Web Hosting Services

A lot of you may be looking for the best web hosting service in Malaysia, in which you could get your very own domain, and control your templates and how your blog looks physically...

DiGi vs Celcom Prepaid Internet Broadband

After doing some intensive research, I finally decided to get the DiGi Prepaid Broadband.  I have Streamyx at home, but when I am on the go... I need internet :P So, decided to go...

Annuity Website

Having problems figuring out the best annuity rates available for your retirement? This site I stumbled across is great in giving information on things which are related to annuities. The site loads fast, and has...

Perodua Alza: The Name

What a hideous name for a car. ALZA! Of all the car names, be it Kancil, Kelisa, Kenari, Viva,  Myvi, Nautica... I personally felt Alza was a total turn off. I knew about the...

Compare the Liv, Exora, Avan & Inno

I'm guessing most Malaysians are hyped over the new Proton Exora.  Well, I'm not looking for a new car, but I'd like to share some info on the car anyway. I am also guessing, most...
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