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OttersBIGDay: I’m married!

It's all over my Facebook and Twitter timeline because it is indeed BIG news for me. Big is actually an understatement. It's MASSIVE news for myself! After years being one of the 'most eligible bachelor'...

It officially all begins on 1st September 2013

So I've been reaally busy. No kidding. Finding time to just relax and chill seems so exclusive right now, but I try to keep this new blog updated as I go on with the...

Birthday Post: When I Was 26

I'll go straight to the chase. I turn 27 today. Yes, it's MY birthday. Nothing much to shout about the change of my age, but I guess it would be proper for me to reflect back...

Changing my domain to cyrildason.com

If you haven't noticed, you have been redirected.  You are no more at http://cdason.com, but at http://cyrildason.com. I've kept the same outlay, and the title, for the time being.  It will change once I've got...
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