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Valentine’s Day Ideas

It's THAT day again people. It's Valentine's Day. The day LOVE is celebrate worldwide. Unfortunately for some souls, they do need a special day to express their love for someone, but that for me is...

Like A Skysrapper

The video below by Demi Lovato is one of my favourite songs at the moment. I basicly fell in love with it from the start. However, the best of the song is actually this...

Appreciating Teachers on Teachers Day

Teachers Day came, and it went like the breeze. Nothing significant to be said this year. Like every year, teacher's day seems to have a small impact on anyone, especially teachers. ...

Valentine’s Day: Effin’s Facts & Figures

Not harping on an old issue, but loving every bit of this video. Do watch and share it... and leave your take on it. The video kept me smiling when I woke up this morning... So,...

Student Having Sex in School

I'm not sure if you came to this article because of the title, or because you happen to be an avid reader of my humble blog. Either way, if you came here because of the...

How Cool Is DiGi?

I bet you all have your favorite telco. Some may like Celcom, others Maxis, TM and maybe some will say they favour U-Mobile!  I like DiGi. Why? Well, they come up with the best adverts ever,...


It's school holiday, and I am busy.  What luck.  It's a trend that schools have exams right before the holidays, leaving school holidays not exactly a holiday. The month of Ramadan is also moving into...
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