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Durian flowers, bunga durian

How to cook Durian flowers – The limited edition exotic Dayak food

How to cook Durian flowers? Is it wrong to love durian flowers more than the King of Fruits itself? While many Asians, particularly Malaysians crave for durian fruits, I prefer the flowers. Granted that the flowers...

You want to smell something awesome? – Try fermented pork

Hey, I'm seriously out of ideas and imagination for a blog post, but I've got something from my moms village last week, and its something I highly recommend. Health issues aside, the thing you see...

Bites of Batik – The burger delights

Have you ever noticed this 'different' building spotted in the middle of Kuching? Well, it's actually a boutique hotel, and it has a new restaurant known as the 'Bites of Batik' which serves local delights...
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