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Chinese New Year Special Set by BCCK

If you check airlines flying into Kuching a few days before Chinese New Year, you'd notice one thing, which is the flights are fully sold out. This I attribute to the one tradition Chinese...

Pullman Offers New Year Treats

Chinese New Year is always a good excuse to eat more, and Pullman Hotels just gave me one reason to do so as they invited me over to taste their Chinese New Year Chinese...

The BCCK Raintree Christmas Dinner Course

The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) is known as one of the best venues in Borneo to have a conference/concert/party/meeting etc (you name it). I'm not the only one saying so, but some close...

Sarawak Bloggers 1st Anniversary

It's been close to a month since this significant event, and I've yet to say anything about it. So many things are on my mind, so this event sort of left my mind every...

Riverside Majestic’s Sungkei Ria

In one of my previous post, I told you of how I loved the variety of food made available at the Macam-Macam Ada Buffet Dinner.  To day the least, that particular buffet is good...

Pullman Hotel Kuching Opening Gala Dinner

Pullman Hotel Kuching can probably boast of being one of the best hotels in Kuching, or maybe Sarawak as far as I am concern because when I stepped my foot on it's glossy tiles,...

The Brotherhood Anual Dinner 2009

This is kind of like an overdue post.  It happened like 6 days ago, and I finally get to put it up in my blog.  Urgghh, like they say, better late than never. So, I...
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