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The Champions!

Malaysia earned themselves bragging rights at the 26th South East Asian (SEA) Games after they dramatically beat bitter rivals Indonesia 4-3 on penalties last night. As a football fan, I have never put so much...

Why You Failed In Sarawak

Of late, I admit.. I have been lashing a lot at West Malaysian. I have said that they are ignorant and insensitive towards Sarawakians. The feeling erupted even more when the Sarawak state election...

My Country, Your Country… The facts

It all started with a discussion over how paranoid those from the peninsular are over Sarawak. Questions over our immigration, lifestyle, location, how Sarawak has progressed and many more, seem to always pop up...

MyEG Isn’t for East Malaysians

In the last post, I stated how I wasn't really pleased with MyEG because I had to pay extra for my road tax, yet I was in Sarawak, and my car is used in...
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