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Why You Failed In Sarawak

Of late, I admit.. I have been lashing a lot at West Malaysian. I have said that they are ignorant and insensitive towards Sarawakians. The feeling erupted even more when the Sarawak state election...

SwkPolls11: What are you doing here?

I was invited to meet up with a candidate in the coming election a few nights ago. I stressed to the person I was in contact with, that I would not want any...

SwkPolls11: My #swkwish: Vote for Sarawak

I know a lot of people are saying someone must go. 30 years is a little to long, and yes, a vote 'the other' way is a vote of protest. Well, I'm not backing anyone...

The Sarawak Wish List

The Sarawak Wish List or #swkwish which Sarawak Bloggers is organizing from now until 8th April 2011 is a collective project undertaken to show what the people on the ground wants. The whole inspiration of...

Yes, We Can!

I know, this is sort of like yesterdays news.  Almost everybody I know in the blogsphere has either said "Congratulations Obama" or something like "History in the US" sort of thing.  Me?? Argghhh... I couldn't...
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