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Football, Hooligans and Racism: Sarawak VS LIONS XII

In an intense game last night, Sarawak was defeated by LIONS XII.  While the results should be the real highlight, the post-match incidents coloured websites, blogs and news articles with many trying to give...

MCMC Says ‘No Complaint, No Problem’ @ AZAM Social Media Seminar

The Seminar on Social Media and Society: Promoting Responsible "Netizenship" was held last Thursday, and I was invited to give a 30-minute talk, or as Ari and Rodz put it, I was ended up...

We’re Joining Forces Like Voltron

Meet Fahriee. He's already bald for Go Bald. This awesome, down to earth guy is ambitious, intelligent and takes care of his stature when he's sober.  He is also Kuching's very own 'King of Awesome'. ...

Kuching Acoustic Nyte d’ iLeQ-iLeQ Cafe

Acoustic Nyte d' iLeQ-iLeQ Cafe is in fact a good try to bring live bands or live performers to Kuching. After years being a city, Kuching somehow has lacked live performances, and it...

The Diamond Ring

Yesterday I told you that I was invited by Irene to cover some event at Hilton Ballroom, Kuching.  Yeah... I went, with Emy.  Didn't know what to expect, but its been a while since...
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