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La-WAK brings out the local Kuching comedians

Local Kuching comedians are a rare breed but it is La-WAK by HAUS, Jom TEH!, and What About Kuching (WAK) that can definitely change that. With five local Kuching comedians based in Sarawak, the event...

Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit – It Inspires

While some may only point out the negative or dramatic part of the Tomorrow's Leaders Summit (TLS) last weekend, I'm now pointing you to the positive side of the whole event, which I believe...

Birthday Post: When I Was 26

I'll go straight to the chase. I turn 27 today. Yes, it's MY birthday. Nothing much to shout about the change of my age, but I guess it would be proper for me to reflect back...

The Tireless Glenreagh Sdn Bhd

"Bloggers are nice people".. which isn't a remark you'd expect after being introduced as a blogger.  Well, that's practically what Ghandi David said when his wife Anne introduced us (Amiey, Fahriee , Norman and...

Celebrating Gawai Dayak 2009

Was at my village from the 31st to the 2nd of January celebrating Gawai.. the traditional way.  To be frank, Gawai just ain't like it used to be.  It's modern now, with the live...
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