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When a prayer get’s an answer

What do you do when you find your prayers being answered at the expense of others? Do you jump of joy and grab the opportunity which has presented itself? Or do you choose to remain where...

Forgiveness of a Person

NOTE: Well, just in case you guys didn't know, My Priviledge Book 2010 is on sale at RM35 at their road show in tHe Spring, Kuching MBO atrium from 18-20 Dec. 2009.  Buy one...

Money and Happiness

I was blog hopping and I found this blog post from JJME caught my attention.  In fact, I'd like to quote her words below: Perhaps, I have never found the true meaning of happiness. I...

This 2008 Batch

Obviously, its November, and in a month plus from now, it would be new year... and 2009 would be the new digits we have to get use to when filling in dates.  At these...


I'm fucking pissed!!  Work was usual, but I was told I could take my mum's laptop from a computer shop in Wisma Seberkas today.  So, gladly, I went to the shop which is located...
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