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What Do You Do In Kuching?

I met a friend in KL last weekend for dinner, and he brought me to a place which had the probably had the largest Carbonara I've ever seen in my life!! More shocking, it only...

When The Chef Is New

I bet every Kuchinginite knows Pullman Hotel. Yes, I am talking about that huge 5 star hotel perched on the hill which looks outstandingly modern inside and outside. Well, their Chinese restaurant, Nu Er...


Been wanting to tell you guys that I went to Buntal somewhat last week to eat seafood with a couple of friends.  The damage was RM73 for 5 dishes which were made up of...

Ten Ten Ten at Grand Margherita’s

Part of what we had for the dinner 10.10.2010 is the date you would want to dine at Grand Margherita Hotel because they are planning to have this one in a 100...

Grand Margherita’s ‘Pasar Ramadan’

After almost 10 years going to the Pasar Ramadan, I think this year... I am going to give it a skip.  I'm overall very disappointed with the Pasar Ramadan in Kuching, or in Matang...

The Worst Phrase Ever

Woke up this morning feeling all 'laksa-ly'.  As it was raining heavily outside, I pulled my blanket over my head, and continued to sleep for another good 3 hours, despite replying some tweets on twitter. But when...

There Goes My Credit Card

2009 wasn't a good year for me financially. There's a huge hole in my wallet. This year, the government introduced the RM50 per credit card, and I have 3. So, do the math. It's...
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